The day after Frenchesca Love was born, the pediatrician of the hospital where I gave birth to her told me that I cannot bring Love home because she was so weak, wouldn't feed on my breastmilk nor any bottled milk, and was always vomiting. The pediatrician added that Love has to stay in the hospital so that her condition can be observed.

The night before we were going out of the hospital, I and my husband prayed humbly that the Lord Jesus may touch his frail body and healed her of whatever sickness she had at the time. On the morning after, the nurse told us that the pediatrician has agreed to let us bring Love home on the condition that if there's any unnatural thing that we'll see from the baby, we should immediately bring her back to the hospital.

We brought Love home that afternoon, and whatever the problem was with her body, it was healed by the Lord as everything in her was just fine and normal for the succeeding days that followed.

Here are some pictures of Love when she was a baby...

Would You Call My Husband A Geek?

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My husband is one of a kind and for that I love him more.

He's a computer lover ever since he bought his first Desktop PC on year 2000. I remember he would stay awake during those long nights when he was still trying to figure out how the thing works. I remember him looking at me with smiles and shining eyes whenever he discovered something new about his PC. He learned to make documents, do graphics, edit videos, use church software and Bible software, surf the Internet, and even studied programming languages. He also learned about games like Red Alert 2 of which we had late night fights. (I'm laughing out loud right now for confessing this...)

As time progresses, he began to mature with his computer habits. He also look at it as an added way of making money and extending his ministry as a pastor. Today, his the most often sought "computer man" in our district and has helped a lot of pastors and brethren when it comes to their computer problems. He has also started a faith, technology, and news blog called Pinoy Apostolic.

Our house is filled with his computer gadgets. From old ones to new ones, and from small ones to big ones. His fully dependent on his laptop for Bible study and even uses it while his preaching and teaching at our church. His cellular phone of choice should always have 3G or HSDPA (what is that?) for Internet connectivity. He says he always should have the capability to be online even when his not in our house to keep his blogging updated.

Whenever we go at malls, his first destination would be computer and gadget stores. And even though he has a laptop, a Pocket PC, and a Nokia N Series Phone, he's always saying that he has to get 1 of those UMPCs (again, what is that?) as it is more suitable for his computing usage than his laptop. Well, he can have it for all he wants if he can afford it, but he should just make sure that I'll get his laptop when that time comes! That is if he wants to avoid World War III!

Here's a picture of my husband at home and some of his toys.

So, would you call my husband a geek?